How We Charge

Like most service-based businesses our charges are based at hourly rates, ranging from $55 to $250 per hour, depending on the levels of skill and experience of the individuals doing the work. We optimize the assignment of work so that work which can be done at a lower hourly rate is assigned appropriately, reserving the more expensive time for the work which requires input from experienced, highly-trained individuals.

Our fees for personal income tax returns range from $300 to over $1,000, depending upon the degree of difficulty, organization, and income tax issues.

Corporate filings (T2 income tax return and unaudited financial statements, together with the required bookkeeping) fees start at $2,100 per year, and range higher based on the complexity of the engagement.

Fees start at $700 and depending on the complexity of the Estate or Trust can be much higher.

For all assignments we can provide an estimate prior to starting the engagement, and will consult with you if at any point we feel that we will have difficulty completing the work for the estimated fee.

Invoices are generally issued at the time of completion of the work, are due when issued, and are subject to applicable taxes (currently 5% GST)